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Luigi's Mansion 3 Finally Receives a Release Date: It's Halloween

After plenty of uncertainty behind a vague release window, Luigi's Mansion 3 gets a spooky date.

2 years ,3 months ago
The Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors of 2019

Don't let your screen get scratched to oblivion. Check out our list of Nintendo Switch screen protectors. We rounded up and ranked the best.

2 years ,3 months ago
Nintendo Reveals New Portable-Only Switch: The Nintendo Switch Lite

A new, more compact edition to the Switch lineup, set for release in just a couple of months.

2 years ,3 months ago
Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokédex Changes Addressed by Game Freak Producer

After a torrent of Internet backlash, Game Freak puts out an official statement for all fans.

2 years ,3 months ago
Get the Most of Your Console: Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2019

There is a huge range of accessories for the Nintendo Switch. See which are the best Nintendo Switch accessories that are essential for good gaming here.

2 years ,4 months ago
Hollow Knight: Silksong DLC is Becoming a Full Sequel to the First Game

A fantastic metroidvania gem's little expansion has grown into something larger, and stars a popular character.

2 years ,8 months ago
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is Getting a Nintendo Switch Remake

One of Nintendo's most beloved Zelda titles is getting a from-the-ground-up remake for modern audiences.

2 years ,8 months ago
Microsoft is Planning to Bring Xbox Live Services to Switch, Android and iOS

Microsoft has some very open ambitions, and soon, Xbox Live will become a whole lot bigger.

2 years ,8 months ago
One Step From Eden Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

Mega Man Battle Network-Inspired Game Crushes Kickstarter Target.

2 years ,8 months ago
Metroid Prime 4's Development Has Restarted With Retro Studios at the Helm

Nintendo had some heavy news to reveal for Metroid Prime fans, but there's some good to be found here.

2 years ,8 months ago
SteamWorld Quest Announced as a Timed Exclusive For Nintendo Switch

The SteamWorld series continues busting down genres, this time in the form of a card-based RPG.

2 years ,8 months ago
Travis Strikes Again... Again, Adding a New Game + Option and Additional Content

If you're thirsty for more hack-n-slash action, Travis Strikes Again has you covered with its latest update.

2 years ,9 months ago

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Layers of Fear 2 Gets a Spooky New Trailer Aboard a Sailing Ship

Not set to end the horror streak any time soon, Bloober has some new footage for their Layers of Fear sequel.

2 years ,9 months ago
A Power Rangers Fighting Game Featuring Both Heroes and Villains is Launching in April

Power Rangers has covered plenty of genres, but now, it's time for them to take the fighting game scene by storm.

2 years ,9 months ago
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Battling It Out Worldwide This April

A new TCG Dragon Ball game is close, and marks a series first by releasing outside of Japan.

2 years ,9 months ago
Rocket League Has Now Received Full Cross-Platform Play Support Across Every Platform

Sound off the applause and hit those nets; Rocket League is now open for everyone to play together.

2 years ,9 months ago
Yoshi's Crafted World and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Get Dated For March

The extra-cute platformers now have a launch date, and secrets aplenty to be found within.

2 years ,9 months ago
Dead Cells Developer Doesn't Think a Sequel Will Be Made

While the hopes for a sequel to 2018's Dead Cells may be dashed, Motion Twin is looking forward.

2 years ,9 months ago
Celeste Hits 500,000 Units Sold and Devs Celebrate With New Content

A Set of Super-Hard Farewell Levels Prepped for Early 2019.

2 years ,9 months ago
Nintendo and Sakurai Shine the Spotlight on Persona 5, Fueling Switch Rumors

With the recent induction of P5's Joker into Smash, and Sakurai's recent trip to Atlus, fans are wondering what's up.

2 years ,9 months ago
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes DLC Lets You Play as Shinobu and Bad Girl

The DLC for Travis Strikes Again will see the return of some No More Heroes favorites and their voice actors.

2 years ,10 months ago
Smash Bros Ultimate Reveals First DLC Character

Nintendo unveils it's first upcoming DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch.

2 years ,10 months ago
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Announced For Nintendo Switch

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Announced Exclusively For Nintendo Switch.

2 years ,10 months ago
Mortal Kombat 11 Screenshots, Release Date and Trailer Have Been Revealed

Mortal Kombat 11 has been announced along with revealed release date, screenshots and a cinematic trailer.

2 years ,10 months ago