Doughlings: Arcade
  • Platforms:
  • macOS
  • PC
  • PS4
  • Switch
  • Xbox One

Release Date: May 8, 2018


Doughlings: Arcade

Doughlings: Arcade, is an arcade game with a mix of Pong and Arkanoid gameplay. You are Dr. Morpheus, the only Doughling who did not become sick when a meteor crashes in their village and must try to save your people. Dr. Morpheus invents a magical ball and heads out to cure his people of the illness. Doughlings: Arcade offers many different targets to face and destroy in over 90 challenging levels. There are 6 different characters with unique superpowers to choose from, all with special unlockable abilities. Doughlings: Arcade offers dozens of achievements to complete as well as a Level Editor to create your own levels. Do you have what it takes to save your people?

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