NES Cheats

10-Yard Fight Released 1983 NES
1942 Released Nov 1986 NES
1943: The Battle of Midway Released Jun 1987 NES
720 Degrees Released Dec 1986 NES
8 Eyes Released Jan 1990 NES
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War Released Mar 1990 NES
Adventure Island Released Sep 5, 1987 NES
Adventure Island 3 Released Sep 1992 NES
Adventure Island II Released Feb 1991 NES
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Released Jun 1990 NES
Adventures of Dino Riki Released Aug 1989 NES
Adventures of Lolo Released Apr 20, 1989 NES
Adventures of Lolo 2 Released Mar 20, 1990 NES
Adventures of Lolo 3 Released Nov 21, 1991 NES
Air Fortress Released Sep 1989 NES
Airwolf Released Sep 1987 NES
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing Released Mar 1990 NES
Alex DeMeo's Race America Released Mar 1990 NES
Alfred Chicken Released Feb 1994 NES PS1
All-Pro Basketball Released Dec 1989 NES
Alpha Mission Released Dec 1985 NES
Amagon Released Apr 1989 NES
American Gladiators Released 1991 NES Sega Genesis SNES
Arch Rivals Released 1989 NES Sega Genesis
Arkanoid Released Aug 1986 NES
Arkista's Ring Released Jun 1990 NES
Astyanax Released Mar 8, 1990 NES
Athena Released 1987 NES
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Released Jan 1992 GB NES
Back to the Future Released Sep 1989 NES
Bad Dudes Released May 1988 NES
Bad News Baseball Released 1990 NES
Bad Street Brawler Released 1987 NES
Balloon Fight Released Sep 1984 NES
Batman: Return of the Joker Released Dec 20, 1991 GB NES
Batman: The Video Game Released Feb 13, 1990 NES Sega Genesis
Battle Tank Released Sep 1990 NES
Battletoads Released Jun 1, 1991 NES Sega Genesis
Battletoads & Double Dragon Released Jun 1993 NES Sega Genesis SNES
Beetlejuice Released May 10, 1991 GB NES
Bionic Commando Released Jun 1987 NES
Bomberman Released Dec 20, 1985 NES
Bomberman II Released Feb 1993 NES
Bubble Bobble Released Oct 1986 NES
Bubble Bobble Part 2 Released Jul 1993 NES
Bump 'n' Jump Released Nov 1982 NES
BurgerTime Released 1982 ColecoVision NES
Captain America and The Avengers Released Oct 1991 NES SNES
Castlevania Released May 1, 1987 NES
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Released Dec 1, 1988 NES
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Released Sep 1, 1990 NES