The Adventures of Gilligan's Island
Released: Jul 1990
  • NES
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The Adventures of Gilligan's Island Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for The Adventures of Gilligan's Island. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

The Adventures of Gilligan's Island Cheats For NES

Episode Select

To select your starting episode without using one of the save passwords, on the episode select screen (the screen after choosing start on the main menu) hold Down + Right + B on the second controller, and press Down on the first controller to change the starting episode.

Escape From Quicksand

To quickly get out of quicksand once you've fallen in, hold the direction on the D-pad you want to move in and press the A button repeatedly to get out of quicksand faster.


To enter passwords, go to "Continue" on the main menu and enter one of the passwords below for your desired starting episode.

Password Effect Password
Start on Episode 2 LJJGDMPC
Start on Episode 3 MIIJCDAD
Start on Episode 4 PKKCNMPD

The Adventures of Gilligan's Island Game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes are for Game Genie. These can be used on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a Game Genie device or you can use these on any emulator that supports Game Genie Codes. If you want a Game Genie device, you can always check on Amazon for one.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Infinite food SZXUIUVK
Infinite rope SZSUAUVK
Infinite time SZENLZVG
Start with 9 food instead of 2 PAXIUIZE
Start with 9 ropes PAXSEIZE
More time - Episode 1 LANNLXPE
More time - Episode 2 IANNGXLE
More time - Episode 3 GPNNIZLP
Start on episode 2 PAVSXGAA + GZVSUGSA
Start on episode 3 ZAVSXGAA + GZVSUGSA
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