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Nintendo 'Gigaleak' Reveals Tons of Unused Content, Including Luigi in SM64

A decades-old video game urban legend has finally been confirmed, along with plenty of other secrets.

Sega's Very Own Alex Kidd Returning in Miracle World Remake

Hop on board the remake train, because another classic is getting the treatment: Alex Kidd.

7 Bosses That Must Have Killed Us At Least 100 Times

Here are some video game boss battles that will make you want to throw down your controller and quit.

Live-Action Movie to Video Games: Are There Any Good Ones?

A look at some of the movies that became video games and how they stack up.

The Story Behind the GameCube Earthbound Sequel We Never Got

Former Xenogears developer reveals images behind a proposed GameCube Earthbound idea from 2003.

Arcade1Up Is Now Producing Mini Arcade Cabinets For Classic Arcade Titles

A company called Arcade1Up is commercially producing retro arcade cabinets for the public to buy at fair prices.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start - A Look Back at the 3 Greatest Cheat Codes in History

Looking back at some of the greatest video game cheats.

Original Xbox games are backward compatible with your Xbox One

If you miss playing some of those classic original Xbox games, you're in luck. Xbox One now supports playing a handful of Xbox games.

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