Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Released: Sep 1993
  • Sega Genesis
  • SNES

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Cheats

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2020

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Cheats For SNES

Password Stage Level / Stage Name
PHZB Stage 2: Evening of the Undead
XHRS Stage 4: Lumberjack Hedgemaze Mayhem
FHRX Stage 5: Weird Kids on the Block
PHRP Stage 6: Pyramid of Fear
WBGR Stage 8: Titanic Toddler
NBGW Stage 9: Toxic Terrors
GFCY Stage 12: Mars Needs Cheerleaders
FRCR Stage 13: Chopping Mall
KKYM Stage 16: Ants
RKYL Stage 17: Office of the Doomed
DBJK Stage 19: Nightmare on Terror Street
BXBS Stage 20: Invasion of the Snakeoids
PXBG Stage 21: The Day the Earth Ran Away
GYLM Stage 24: Warehouse of the Evil Dolls
XYLZ Stage 25: Look Who's Shopping
GLZJ Stage 28: Mark of the Vampire
XLZG Stage 29: Zombie House Party
XJQY Stage 32: Giant Ant Farm
WJQK Stage 33: Fish and Crypts
KZVJ Stage 36: Monster Phobia
BZVG Stage 37: Labyrinth of Horrors
KRPY Stage 40: Pyramid of Fear Two
BRPK Stage 41: Martians Go Home!
BLHR Stage 45: Danger in Picnic Park