Mega Man X
Released: Jan 1994

  • MS-DOS
  • PSP
  • SNES

Mega Man X Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Sep 15, 2021

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Mega Man X. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Mega Man X Cheats For SNES

All of our Mega Man X cheats have been tested and work. These cheats work for all releases of Mega Man X, including Legacy Collections and The Super NES Classic Edition.

Skip Intro Level

Enter 1764 1488 7748 in the password input screen to skip the intro level.

Mega Man X Boss Weaknesses / Mega Man X Boss Order

These are the weaknesses of each boss, it's easier to beat bosses in a specific order to take advantage of these. This Mega Man X boss order has been sorted by the easiest way to beat them.

Boss Order Boss Weakness Obtained From
Chill Penguin Fire Wave Flame Mammoth
Spark Mandrill Shotgun Ice Chill Penguin
Armored Armadillo Electric Spark Spark Mandrill
Launch Octopus Rolling Shield Armored Armadillo
Boomer Kwanger Homing Torpedo Launch Octopus
Sting Chameleon Boomerang Cutter Boomer Kwanger
Storm Eagle Chameleon Sting Sting Chameleon
Flame Mammoth Storm Tornado Storm Eagle

Extra Lives

You can get extra lives or unlimited lives from Armored Armadillo's level. Start the level and take the rideable cart or you can walk instead. If you take the cart, be prepared to jump off when you see a bat that is larger than normal and is a different color. This particular bat has a high drop rate for extra lives. You can keep farming him over and over again, just go right or left till his location is offscreen, then head back, causing him to re-spawn.

Mega Man X Extra Lives

Mega Man X Passwords

The following passwords can be entered by selecting Password on the main menu. Entering them correctly will allow you to unlock health upgrades, weapons, and have certain levels completed.

Item Only Passwords

The following cheats are only for the items listed, these do not have defeated bosses.

Password Effect Password
All Upgrades 8648 5662 4524
All Capsule Upgrades 4664 7428 1748
All Heart Tanks 7778 1682 2754
All Sub Tanks 5724 8418 3588
Arm Capsule 4764 8768 7748
Body Capsule 4764 5788 3748
Head Capsule 4664 1718 7748
Leg Capsule 1764 1788 8748
Arm Capsule, Leg Capsule 4764 8468 8748
Body Capsule, Leg Capsule 4764 5488 1748
Head Capsule, Leg Capsule 4664 1418 8748

Boss Only Passwords

The following cheats are only for defeated bosses and have no capsule, sub tank, or health upgrades.

Password Effect Password
All Bosses defeated, except Sigma 1367 4857 7646
Armored Armadillo defeated 1764 8458 3718
Boomer Kuwanger defeated 4325 7452 8861
Chill Penguin defeated 4764 8488 7716
Flame Mammoth defeated 4364 8488 7718
Launch Octopus defeated 4325 3842 1861
Spark Mandrill defeated 1764 1487 7718
Sting Chameleon defeated 1764 1488 7618
Storm Eagle defeated 1767 8418 7718