Released: Jun 1, 1991

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Battletoads Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Battletoads. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Battletoads Cheats For NES

Start With 5 Lives

To start the game with 5 lives instead of the default 3 lives, on the title screen hold Down + A + B then press Start. If you did this correctly, when you start the game you will begin with 5 lives.

Level 1 To Level 3 Warp

To warp to level 3 (Turbo Tunnel) from level 1, headbutt the first two enemies to dispatch them quickly and run to the platform in the upper right on the next screen. On the platform, you will see the warp that will take you to level 3.

Level 3 To Level 5 Warp

To warp to level 5 (Surf City) from level 3, slam into the 10th wall located at the bottom of the screen. You will come up to a section that has a bunch of walls in a row that you must avoid by moving down and up, counting the walls, when you reach the 10th one, a warp will be in front of it.

Level 4 To Level 6 Warp

To warp to level 6 from level 4, get to the point in the level where you can use a falling platform to lower you down the level. Take the platform down and keep jumping so it starts to take you back up top. This will cause a warp to appear up top that will take you to level 6.

Stage 6 To Stage 8 Warp

To warp to level 8 from level 6 (Karnaths Lair), get to the second snake pit by making your way to the top right by climbing up the snakes. Once in the second snake pit, jump all the way over the far-right while avoiding the spikes nearby. On the platform, you will see the warp that will take you to level 8 (Intruder Excluder).

Battletoads Game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes are for Game Genie. These can be used on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a Game Genie device or you can use these on any emulator that supports Game Genie Codes. If you want a Game Genie device, you can always check on Amazon for one.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Infinite lives GXXZZLVI
Start with 6 lives TENVZILA
Start with 9 lives PENVZILE
Enemies need less damage GXEILUSO
Flies give double health AOUKXNAA
Flies max out health YXUKXNAE
Jump higher EYSAUVEI
Punch faster AEUZITPA
Start on level 2 - Wookie Hole ZAXAALAA
Start on level 3 - Turbo Tunnel LAXAALAA
Start on level 4 - Arctic Cavern GAXAALAA
Start on level 5 - Surf City IAXAALAA
Start on level 6 - Karnath's Lair TAXAALAA
Start on level 7 - Volkmire's Inferno YAXAALAA
Start on level 8 - Intruder Excluder AAXAALAE
Start on level 9 - Terra Tubes PAXAALAE
Start on level 10 - Rat Race ZAXAALAE
Start on level 11 - Clinger Winger LAXAALAE
Start on level 12 - The Revolution GAXAALAE
Start on level 13 - Armageddon IAXAALAE
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