Bubble Bobble
Released: Oct 1986

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Bubble Bobble Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Bubble Bobble. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Bubble Bobble Cheats For NES

Steal Lives

If you lose all your lives while playing a two-player game, just press Start to pause the game, then press Select and you will be able to steal a life from the other player.

Sound Test

To unlock the sound test, beat the Super Bubble Bobble mode and get the happy ending, which is unlocked by beating the last boss after collecting the crystal found in room 99 and beating the final boss in B3 while playing a two-player game.

Level Passwords

To enter passwords, go to password on the menu screen. The passwords are in level order.

Level Password
Level 1 BBAAB
Level 2 BAAAB
Level 3 BABBI
Level 4 BIIIB
Level 5 BIFFB
Level 6 BFFFB
Level 7 BFIIG
Level 8 BJJJB
Level 9 BJCCB
Level 10 BCCCB
Level 11 BCJJI
Level 12 BGGGB
Level 13 BGEEB
Level 14 BEEEB
Level 15 BEJJJ
Level 16 AAAAB
Level 17 AABBI
Level 18 ABBBI
Level 19 ABAAI
Level 20 AFFFB
Level 21 AFIIG
Level 22 AIIIG
Level 23 AIFFG
Level 24 ACCCB
Level 25 ACJJI
Level 26 AJJJI
Level 27 AJCCI
Level 28 AEEEB
Level 29 AEJJJ
Level 30 AGJJJ
Level 31 AGCCJ
Level 32 IIIIB
Level 33 IIFFB
Level 34 IFFFB
Level 35 IFIIG
Level 36 IBBBJ
Level 37 IBAAJ
Level 38 IAAAJ
Level 39 IABBG
Level 40 IGGGB
Level 41 IGEEB
Level 42 IEEEB
Level 43 IEJJJ
Level 44 IJGGG
Level 45 IJEEG
Level 46 ICEEG
Level 47 ICGGJ
Level 48 FFFFB
Level 49 FFIIG
Level 50 FFIFG
Level 51 FIIIG
Level 52 FAAAJ
Level 53 FABBG
Level 54 FBBBG
Level 55 FBAAG
Level 56 FEEEB
Level 57 FEJJJ
Level 58 FGJJJ
Level 59 FGCCJ
Level 60 FCEEG
Level 61 FCGGJ
Level 62 FJGGJ
Level 63 FJEEJ
Level 64 JJJJB
Level 65 JJCCB
Level 66 JCCCB
Level 67 JCJJI
Level 68 JGGGB
Level 69 JGEEB
Level 70 JEEEB
Level 71 JEJJJ
Level 72 JBIII
Level 73 JBFFI
Level 74 JAFFI
Level 75 JAIIB
Level 76 JIBBI
Level 77 JIAAI
Level 78 JFAAI
Level 79 JFBBJ
Level 80 CCCCB
Level 81 CCJJI
Level 82 CJJJI
Level 83 CJCCI
Level 84 CEEEB
Level 85 CEJJJ
Level 86 CGJJJ
Level 87 CGCCJ
Level 88 CAFFI
Level 89 CAJFI
Level 90 CBIIB
Level 91 CBFFB
Level 92 CFAAI
Level 93 CJBBJ
Level 94 CIBBJ
Level 95 CIAAJ
Level 96 GGJBI
Level 97 GGEEB
Level 98 GEEEB
Level 99 GEJJJ
Level A0 CJGEG
Level A1 GJEGJ
Level A2 GCEGJ
Level A3 GCGEJ
Level A4 GIBAI
Level A5 GIABJ
Level A6 GFABJ
Level A7 GFBAJ
Level A8 GBIFG
Level A9 GBFIJ
Level B0 GAFIJ
Level B1 GAIFJ
Level B2 EECJJ
Level C6 GHCCB
Level E6 HBGBD
Level F5 HJFAB

Bubble Bobble Game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes are for Game Genie. These can be used on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a Game Genie device or you can use these on any emulator that supports Game Genie Codes. If you want a Game Genie Device, you can always check on Amazon for one.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Earn points faster AAUKGA
Enemies move faster ZANEAGPA + NNEEAKVN
Infinite lives PAISII
Start with 6 lives TAUKEZLA
Start with 9 lives PAUKEZLE
Start on level 10 ZAUGEZPE
Start on level 25 PPUGEZPE
Start on level 50 ZLUGEZPA
Start on level 75 LGUGEZPE
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