Castlevania: Bloodlines
Released: Mar 17, 1994
  • Sega Genesis
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Castlevania: Bloodlines Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Castlevania: Bloodlines. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Castlevania: Bloodlines Cheats For Sega Genesis

Start With 9 Lives

To start with 9 lives, go to the options menu and play BGM - 05 and SE - 073 in this particular order. Now go back to the title screen and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. If you did this correctly, you will hear a sound effect play. This will allow you to unlock the option to set the Players (lives) in the options menu to 9 and also use the 9 lives while playing on expert mode.

Expert Mode

To unlock expert mode, you can either beat the game or on the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. If you entered this cheat code correctly, you will hear a sound effect play.

Original Music

To play the music from the first Castlevania game, go to the options menu and play BGM - 05 and SE - 073 in this particular order. Start a new game and when you upgrade your whip to level 4, you will hear the original Castlevania music play. It will stop once your character takes damage.

Alternate Ending

To see an alternate ending, complete the game while playing on expert mode.

Level Passwords

To use the level select passwords below, go to Password on the main menu and enter one of the passwords below to get your desired effect.

Password Effect Password
Start on stage 2 Empty Axe Bird Empty
Bird Empty Bird Empty
Jewel Empty Bird Axe
Axe Empty Axe Axe
Start on stage 3 Axe Bird Jewel Axe
Empty Empty Empty Jewel
Axe Empty Bird Empty
Bird Axe Axe Axe
Start on stage 4 Empty Bird Empty Bird
Bird Empty Bird Empty
Axe Empty Bird Empty
Axe Empty Jewel Axe
Start on stage 5 Axe Axe Jewel Jewel
Empty Empty Empty Jewel
Empty Bird Bird Jewel
Bird Axe Jewel Axe
Start on stage 6 Axe Axe Empty Jewel
Empty Bird Empty Jewel
Empty Axe Bird Jewel
Bird Axe Empty Empty

Castlevania: Bloodlines Game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes are for Game Genie. These can be used on a Sega Genesis with a Game Genie device or you can use these on any emulator that supports Game Genie Codes. If you want a Game Genie Device, you can always check on Amazon for one.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Infinite lives AA0A-DA42
Infinite continues AXJA-AA5N
Invincibility B2XA-CA48
Start with 7 lives ARFA-ANAR
Start with 8 lives ARFA-ARAR
Start with 9 lives ARFA-ATAR
Start with 10 lives ARFA-AWAR
Start with 11 lives ARFA-BAAR
Start with 26 lives ARFA-ALJR
Start with 51 lives ARFA-BATR
Start with 76 lives ARFA-BL2R
Start with 100 lives ARFA-BXAR
Start with 3 continues AN6T-AGCW
Start with 5 continues AY6T-ALCW
Start with 7 continues A66T-ARCW
Start with 9 continues BE6T-AWCW
Start on level 1-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + AE6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + AJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + AN6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + A66T-AAA4
Start on level 1-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + BA6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + BE6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-8 9T6T-BGJ2 + BJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-9 9T6T-BGJ2 + BN6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-10 9T6T-BGJ2 + BT6T-AAA4
Start on level 1-11 9T6T-BGJ2 + BY6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-1 9T6T-BGJ2 + CE6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + CJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + CN6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + CY6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + C66T-AAA4
Start on level 2-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + DE6T-AAA4
Start on level 2-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + DA6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-1 9T6T-BGJ2 + DJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + DN6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + D66T-AAA4
Start on level 3-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + GE6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + DT6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + GJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + D26T-AAA4
Start on level 3-8 9T6T-BGJ2 + ET6T-AAA4
Start on level 3-9 9T6T-BGJ2 + DY6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-1 9T6T-BGJ2 + EA6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + EE6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + EJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + EN6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + FE6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + FJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + KA6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-8 9T6T-BGJ2 + GY6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-9 9T6T-BGJ2 + FT6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-10 9T6T-BGJ2 + FY6T-AAA4
Start on level 4-11 9T6T-BGJ2 + F26T-AAA4
Start on level 5-1 9T6T-BGJ2 + G26T-AAA4
Start on level 5-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + G66T-AAA4
Start on level 5-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + HA6T-AAA4
Start on level 5-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + HE6T-AAA4
Start on level 5-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + HT6T-AAA4
Start on level 5-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + J66T-AAA4
Start on level 5-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + H26T-AAA4
Start on level 5-8 9T6T-BGJ2 + H66T-AAA4
Start on level 6-1 9T6T-BGJ2 + JJ6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-2 9T6T-BGJ2 + JN6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-3 9T6T-BGJ2 + JY6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-4 9T6T-BGJ2 + JT6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-5 9T6T-BGJ2 + E66T-AAA4
Start on level 6-6 9T6T-BGJ2 + C26T-AAA4
Start on level 6-7 9T6T-BGJ2 + FA6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-8 9T6T-BGJ2 + EY6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-9 9T6T-BGJ2 + KY6T-AAA4
Start on level 6-10 9T6T-BGJ2 + K26T-AAA4
Start on level 6-11 9T6T-BGJ2 + GA6T-AAA4
Meat heals to full health 0B8A-D960
Red gems are worth 2 AK5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 3 AP5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 4 AV5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 5 AZ5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 10 CB5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 20 EB5T-CAE2
Red gems are worth 30 GB5T-CAE2
Blue gems are worth 8 BB6A-CAGJ
Blue gems are worth 10 CB6A-CAGJ
Blue gems are worth 20 EB6A-CAGJ
Blue gems are worth 30 GB6A-CAGJ
Blue gems are worth 40 JB6A-CAGJ
Blue gems are worth 50 LB6A-CAGJ
Items don't use gems RG5T-C6Z0
Jump higher AA9T-CYRJ
Jump a lot higher AA9T-D2GJ
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