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Contagion Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Contagion. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Contagion Cheats For PC

Contagion Console Commands

The following console commands or cheats work while playing single-player or multiplayer. We've compiled a list of all the useful cheats or console commands. To enable console commands make sure in the options menu under Keyboard, "Allow Developer Console" is enabled. While in a match, use the grave accent ( ` ) that is located under the escape key to bring up the developer console and enter sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats. Now, enter one of the cheats or console commands below to get your desired effect.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Turns on cheats (needed to use cheats) sv_cheats 1
Turns off all cheats sv_cheats 0
Infinite ammo for any collected sv_infinite_collected_ammo
Refills ammo for equipped gun givecurrentammo
Infinite stamina sv_infinite_stamina
Turns on health regeneration sv_regeneration_force_on
Make health regenerate fast (unlimited health) sv_regeneration_wait_time
Force restart of level sv_restart_round
Spawns Colt 1911 give 1911
Spawns .357 Magnum give 357
Spawns Remington ACR give acr
Spawns AK74U give ak74
Spawns AR15 give ar15
Spawns Benelli M4 give autoshotgun
Spawns Banjo give banjo
Spawns Baseball Bat give baseballbat
Spawns Metal Baseball Bat give baseballbat_metal
Spawns BLR give blr
Spawns Boltcutter give boltcutter
Spawns Coin give coin
Spawns Compound Bow give compbow
Spawns Crossbow give crossbow
Spawns Crowbar give crowbar
Spawns Green Crowbar give crowbar_green
Spawns Double Barrel Shotgun give doublebarrel
Spawns Fire Extinguisher give extinguisher
Spawns Fireaxe give fireaxe
Spawns Firstaid Kit (Large medkit) give firstaid
Spawns Flamethrower give flamethrower
Spawns Gas Mask give gasmask
Spawns Glowstick give glowstick
Spawns Golfclub give golfclub
Spawns Grenade give grenade
Spawns Grenade Launcher give grenadelauncher
Spawns Guitar give guitar
Spawns Desert Eagle give handcannon
Spawns IED give ied
Spawns Inoculator (small med kit) give inoculator
Spawns Kabar Knife give kabar
Spawns Key give key
Spawns Keycard (random color) give keycard
Spawns KG9 give kg9
Spawns M1 Garand give m1garand
Spawns MAC-10 give mac10
Spawns Machete give machete
Spawns Mossberg Shotgun give mossberg
Spawns MP5K give mp5k
Spawns Nailgun give nailgun
Spawns Over/Under Shotgun give overunder
Spawns Pocket Light give plight
Spawns Remington 870 Shotgun give remington870
Spawns Revolver give revolver
Spawns SCAR give scar
Spawns Scythe give scythe
Spawns Self Revive (revives you if you die) give selfrev
Spawns Sig Sauer give sig
Spawns Sledge Hammer give sledgehammer
Spawns Remington 700 Sniper Rifle give sniper
Spawns Wrench give wrench
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