Darius Twin
Released: Nov 1991
  • SNES

Darius Twin Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Jul 17, 2021

Darius Twin Cheats For SNES

Start With 8 Lives

You can start the game with up to 8 lives for player 1 and player 2. Head over to the "Options Menu" and select "Player Stock", press Left on the D-pad to decrease the number of lives and Right on the D-pad to increase the number of lives.

Extra Lives

Starts the game with 50 lives for player 1 and or player 2. To enter the cheat code, highlight the number of players you wish to play the game with, press and hold L and R on controller 2, hold Select on controller 1, and press Start on controller 1. Note: This is easier to do with two people.