Luigi's Mansion
Released: Oct 12, 2018
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Luigi's Mansion Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Oct 26, 2021

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Luigi's Mansion. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Luigi's Mansion Cheats For Gamecube

Teleport To Main Entrance

You can teleport to the main entrance from any mirror in the mansion. Aim at a mirror using your Gameboy Horror and press the A button, this will instantly teleport you to the main entrance of the mansion.

Fake Doors

To tell if a door is fake, you can use your vacuum on it, if the door doesn't shake, then it's fake. If you use the fire element on a fake door it will disappear. You can also use the map to see if a particular door leads anywhere.

Ceiling Fan - Master Bedroom

On the second floor in the Master Bedroom when the second boss is, you notice a ceiling fan 

Golden Mice

In the game, there are hidden cheeses that bring out a golden mouse. This mouse gives you extra money that can be used to unlock the "A" Rank in the game. To reveal the mice, use the Gameboy Horror and press A on the hidden cheese. Below are the locations of all the golden mice in the game and do note that you can only get them before you rid the room of ghosts and the lights turn on. Make sure to suck up the golden mice as soon as they appear or they will end up disappearing.

  • On the second floor at the first boss encounter behind the desk in the study.
  • Fortune-teller's Room on the first-floor room behind the fortune teller.
  • On the second floor, in the hallway right before the stairs that lead to the attic. This one spawns at random and you will hear a sound effect when it does.
  • On the first floor, in the Dining room. The cheese is behind the table under a chair.
  • On the second floor in the Tea Room behind the table.
  • On the third floor, in the Safari Room next to the chair.

Blue Ghost Locations

Blue ghosts can only be found in the dark before a room is cleared and the lights are turned on. They yield treasure that you need in order to get an A rank when you beat the game. You only have one chance to get capture these ghosts when you spawn them. The following list is in the order that the specific ghost can be caught (just follow the list in order).

  • Wardrobe room in the right closet
  • Study room in the chair behind the desk (knock on the chair)
  • Breaker room, under the table sheet (must be done before the power outage)
  • Storage room in the chair to the right (knock on the chair)
  • Dining room in the left china closet.
  • Kitchen inside the dishwasher near the door.
  • Rec Room (Recreation Room) exercise bike in the bottom right of the room.
  • Nana's Room in the chair on the right side of the room (knock on the chair)
  • Billiards Room in the table on the right of the room.
  • The Twin's Room in the bunk bed.
  • Conservatory (Music Room) in the stool in front of the piano (only during the power outage)
  • Hidden Room in the chest to the right of the room (only during the power outage)
  • Nursery Room inside the crib (only during the power outage)
  • Cellar inside the box to the left as soon as you walk in the door.
  • Sealed Room inside the chest to the right of the table.

Secret Treasure Room - 1F

To get to the secret treasure room on the first floor, head to the Butler's Room, you will find it on the western side of the first floor. As soon as you enter the room, on the right side, use your Gameboy Horror on the mousehole by pressing A on it. A portal will open up that will take you the to next room (Hidden Room) where you will be able to loot a bunch of chests.  Some of the chests will contain ghosts which you will need fire to defeat and others will contain treasure. You will also find a Boo inside of this room.

Secret Treasure Room - Rooftop

The second treasure room is the sealed door on floor 2 that is accessible from the rooftop. In the Toy Chamber, use the elevator in the center building to get to the rooftop then head all the way to the right ladder and climb it. Jump off the platform into the chimney and you will end up in the second treasure room known as the Sealed Room.

Giant Plant

Right outside the kitchen, underneath the balcony Toad is on, there is a seed you can water (you get the water element inside the kitchen). Grab a water element for your vacuum and water the seed, the plant will grow a bit from this. After you defeat the second boss that is through the doghouse, come back to the plant and water it again. Do the same thing after you beat the third boss and the plant will open up and give you a large diamond.

Treadmill Key

If you run on the treadmill in the Rec room you will get a hidden key. This key will unlock the door on the first floor right before the stairs going to the second floor.

Unlock Hidden Mansion

At the end of the game, you will unlock a hidden mansion depending on how much you collect during your gameplay. The ranking system starts from as low as Rank H to as high as Rank A. After you unlock the new mansion, it's viewable in Professor E. Gadd's gallery and can be viewed there at any time when visiting his lab.

Unlockable How To Unlock
Unlock Rank A Mansion Beat the game with 100,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank B Mansion Beat the game with 70,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank C Mansion Beat the game with 60,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank D Mansion Beat the game with 50,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank E Mansion Beat the game with 40,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank F Mansion Beat the game with 20,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank G Mansion Beat the game with 5,000,000G or more
Unlock Rank H Mansion Beat the game with less than 5,000,000G