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Released: Feb 10, 1997
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Mario Kart 64 Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Mario Kart 64. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Mario Kart 64 Cheats For N64

Recover From Banana Peels

To recover from hitting a banana peel, hit the break as soon as you run over a banana peel, then, hit the gas. This will stop you from spinning out of control.

Drop Your Items

If you happen to pick up bananas or a fake item box, they make an easy way to get rid of anyone who is tailing you. Just lay the item behind you, right in front of the person who is trying to pass you.

Mirror Mode And New Title Screen

To unlock mirror mode and a new title screen, win a gold cup in all the 150cc races.

Mario 64 Castle

On the track Royal Raceway, if you follow the road to the right after the jump across the water, it will lead you to the caste from Mario 64 (the same area the trophies are given out).


Just like the Mario Kart before it, Mario Kart 64 has some shortcuts in the level. Some of the shortcuts are put in the game intentionally and others are exploits that have been discovered by players over the years. We have listed the shortcuts based on the order of the levels or tracks.

Koopa Troopa Beach Shortcut

The first shortcut on Koopa Troopa Beach is right after you pass the arch. On the right side after you pass the arch you will see a sand bar that you can use to cut across the water instead of going around it.

The second shortcut on Koopa Troopa Beach is the fourth ramp after you pass the arch. The ramp will allow you to jump into the mountain and cut across a good portion of the level. You don't need a mushroom to complete the jump, but it will make it easier for you. It is possible to hop at the very top of the ramp using the R button to get across.

Kalimari Desert Shortcut

In Kalimari Desert, when you come up to the second train crossing, make a left and follow the tracks all the way to the tunnel. You can use the tunnel to cut across the level. This will require a star unless you want to wait for the train to pass.

In Koopa Troopa Beach it is possible to take advantage of bananas or the fake item box by putting them down on the ramps. The computer will use the smaller ramps (not the shortcut or the one that goes up the hill) a good amount of the time. On multiplayer, you can put them down on any ramp since the other players will go up the shortcut ramp or try to get item boxes off of the other ramps.

Wario Stadium Shortcut

Shortcut 1 - As soon as the race starts you can jump the wall at the first hill on the left side. All you need to do is get your timing right and press the R button to jump the wall using the bump from the hill.

Shortcut 2 - The second shortcut is located at the second to last turn before the flag, it's next to the last item boxes before you reach the flag. Right behind the item boxes, you can bump into the wall at your top speed and jump the wall.

Royal Raceway Shortcut

After the first big turn, you can use a mushroom to boost across the water into the dark part of the bank on the other side. If you do this properly, you'll be reset and put on the ramp for the big jump.

D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

At the big jump that launches you across the river, if you aim at the item boxes below you'll get a good lead on the other racers.

Yoshi Valley Shortcut

Shortcut 1 - The first shortcut is right after the flag, you'll need a mushroom to do this one. Get some speed and turn left after the flag, boosting past the tree into the wall of the track across the hole. If you did this correctly, you'll be reset and automatically moved to the next lap.

Shortcut 2 - You will come to a part of the track where you can see the lower part of the track on your left before you reach the turn. Get some momentum and jump across to the lower part of the track.

Rainbow Road Shortcut

At the start of the race, you jump off the ledge to your left and land on the track below. This will skip half of the track when doing this shortcut.

Mario Kart 64 GameShark Codes

The following cheat codes are for GameShark. These can be used on a Nintendo 64 (N64) with a GameShark device or you can use these on any emulator that supports GameShark Codes. If you want a GameShark device, you can always check on Amazon for one.

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Always have Banana 80165F5D 0001 + 80165F8A 0001
Always have Banana Bunch 80165F5D 0002 + 80165F8A 0002
Always have Blue Spiny Shell 80165F5D 0007 + 80165F8A 0007
Always have Boo (Ghost) 80165F5D 000B + 80165F8A 000B
Always have Double Mushrooms 80165F5D 000D + 80165F8A 000D
Always have Fake Item Box 80165F5D 0009 + 80165F8A 0009
Always have Green Shell 80165F5D 0003 + 80165F8A 0003
Always have Lightning 80165F5D 0008 + 80165F8A 0008
Always have Mushroom 80165F5D 000C + 80165F8A 000C
Always have Red Shell 80165F5D 0005 + 80165F8A 0005
Always have Star 80165F5D 000A + 80165F8A 000A
Always have Super Mushroom (Golden) 80165F5D 000F + 80165F8A 000F
Always have Triple Green Shells 80165F5D 0004 + 80165F8A 0004
Always have Triple Mushrooms 80165F5D 000E + 80165F8A 000E
Always have Triple Red Shells 80165F5D 0006 + 80165F8A 0006
Banana peels have no effect 8102B380 1000
Fake item boxes have no effect 8102B4A0 1000
Weapons have no effect 8102B864 1000
Can't use weapons - Player 1 80165F5D 01B2 + 80165F8A 01B2
Can't use weapons - Player 2 8016603D 01B2 + 8016606A 01B2
Infinite Balloons P1 8118D8C0 0002
Infinite Balloons P2 8118D8C2 0002
Infinite Balloons P3 8118D8C4 0002
Infinite Balloons P4 8118D8C6 0002
Bowser always has 46 points 8118D9CF 002D
D.K. always has 46 points 8118D9CC 002D
Luigi always has 46 points 8118D9C9 002D
Mario always has 46 points 8118D9C8 002D
Peach always has 46 points 8118D9CE 002D
Toad always has 46 points 8118D9CB 002D
Wario always has 46 points 8118D9CD 002D
Yoshi always has 46 points 8118D9CA 002D
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