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Released: Aug 30, 2016
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Resident Evil 4 Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2021

This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Resident Evil 4. We will continually update this page when we come across more useful cheats and tips.

Resident Evil 4 Cheats For PS4

In the following information, we go through Resident Evil 4 cheats, secrets, and unlockables that will make your playthroughs way more enjoyable.

Unlockable Game Modes

Game Mode How to Unlock
Assignment Ada To unlock this game mode where you play as Ada in a short mission, you must first beat the main story.
Separate Ways To unlock this game mode where you play the game from Adas' perspective, you must first beat the main story.
The Mercenaries To unlock this game mode where you have to kill as many enemies as possible in the time limit, you must first beat the main story.

Unlockable Characters

Character How to Unlock
Ada Wong Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Village level
Hunk Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Island Commando (Army Base) level
Jack Krauser Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Castle level
Albert Wesker Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Water World Level

Unlockable Weapons

Weapon How to Unlock
Matilda A 3 round burst fire pistol with a quick reload and with its Exclusive upgrade, it gains a 100 round magazine.
It can be unlocked by beating the main story for 70,000 Pesetas.
Chicago Typewriter upgraded machine gun with unlimited ammo.
After completing Separate Ways you will unlock this gun which can be used in the main story after being purchased for 1,000,000 Pesetas.
After completing Assignment Ada this allows you to purchase this gun in Separate Ways for 300,000 Pesetas.
Hand Cannon very powerful magnum that lets you start picking up special ammo for it once acquired and will become infinite ammo once you upgrade the gun all the way.
To unlock this gun you must first get 5 stars (60,000 points) with each character on each level in Mercenaries. It is much easier to accomplish if you first grab all the time extensions on the map and then start a massive combo of around 40+ zombie kills while getting the combo multipliers in the trunks along the way.
P.L.R. 412 A very powerful laser with unlimited ammo that can kill enemies with the Las Plagas parasite in them. It can shoot a small laser projectile that blinds enemies and can be charged up by holding down the fire button for a big blast that kills everything in front of you.
To unlock this gun you must beat the main story on professional difficulty and it can then be purchased for 0 Pesetas from any merchant regardless of the difficulty.
Infinite Launcher A rocket launcher that never runs out of ammo and fast reloads. Can 1 shot most bosses and enemies.
To unlock this rocket launcher you must first beat the main story and then can be purchased for 1,000,000 Pesetas on the second playthrough.
Special Launcher A special rocket launcher used to kill the last boss Saddler that Ada throws down to you during the fight. It one-shots bosses and shows a cutscene animation.
It is only a one time use rocket launcher that can be saved for your second playthrough on another boss or sold to a vendor. I suggest keeping it if you have the inventory space and selling it since it sells for a high price.
Broken Butterfly 45 caliber revolver-style Magnum which is the second most powerful gun in the game, under the Hand Cannon. Its Exclusive elevates its power up to 50.
This gun can normally be bought from the merchant once you enter the castle, but don't waste your money because you can get one for free after reuniting with Ashley. By backtracking to a locked door before the maze area next to the fountain, you will find a broken building with a locked door and a spot to lift Ashley up to unlock the door for you. Inside you will find a few trunks full of money, some treasure, and this gun.

Other Hints

Treasures - Certain treasures like the Beerstein, Butterfly Lamp, Elegant Mask, Golden Lynx, and Crown can have different colored gems and jewels attached to them to increase the value when sold to a vendor. These items will be with you on your next playthrough so don't sell them unless they are completed so you can maximize profit. If you miss a piece that fits in the slot, you can find it a second time around and finish it.

Fish and eggs - Fish can be found in most bodies of water and can be shot with guns or spears from a boat. You can then drive the boat over them and pick them up. They come in different sizes and give health when eaten or be sold to the merchant if you are short on cash. Eggs can be found from chickens laying eggs or snakes you kill and they can be eaten or sold as well. The golden egg is worth a few thousand Pesetas so keep an eye out for them. They are good items to have since they only take one block of space in your inventory and can give you full health.

Guns on second playthroughs - Guns you already have gotten are available for you to grab again on a second playthrough, like the shotgun on the wall in the first town's two-story house with the chainsaw guy, and can be sold for money if you have the inventory space and need some cash.