Super Smash Bros.
Released: Apr 26, 1999
  • N64

Super Smash Bros. Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Jan 26, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Cheats For N64

How to unlock characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64

Unlockable Character How To Unlock Character
Captain Falcon Play as one character all the way through the 1-Player challenge within 15 minutes. After the game's credits, you'll get challenged to a one-on-one duel with Captain Falcon. If you can defeat him, he'll appear in the upper-right of the player lineup.
Jigglypuff Play as one character all the way through the 1-player challenge after earning Captain Falcon. After the credits, Jigglypuff will challenge you. If you win the fight, she'll appear in the lower-right of the character roster.
Luigi To get Luigi on your roster, you must defeat the Bonus Stage 1 levels for each of the eight original characters, either in Practice or 1-Player mode. Then Luigi will challenge you to a fight. After defeating him, he'll appear in the upper-left of the character roster.
Ness Start a 1-Player game, set the difficulty to Normal, and set the number of lives to three. Choose a character and take him/her through the game without continuing. If you accomplish this challenge, Ness will appear after the credits and challenge you. Defeat him and he'll appear in the lower-left position of the roster.

Other Unlockables

How To Unlock the Mushroom Kingdom Stage

First, beat the game with the original eight characters on Normal difficulty with three stock. Then enter each Multiplayer stage once.

How To Unlock The Sound Test

After earning every character in the game, head into Bonus Stage 1 and Bonus Stage 2 and complete each task with all the characters. You'll then be informed that you've earned the Sound Test. Now access the main Options menu to list to every song, speech, and sound in the game.

How to Unlock Item Switch

Play 100 rounds of Multiplayer to earn the Item Switch menu. Now access the Options Menu to chose how often power-ups will appear in the Multiplayer mode. You can turn on and off the frequency of each item in the game.