The Forest
Released: Apr 30, 2018
  • PC
  • PS4

The Forest Cheats & Secrets

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2021

The Forest Cheats For PC

Console Commands

We've compiled a list of The Forest cheats and console commands that we think are the best for enhancing your gameplay or just helping you through some of the tedious in-game grinds. Console Commands first need to be enabled from the game's title menu. While you are on the title menu (before you load your save file) type developermodeon to enable the use of console commands. If you typed it correctly you will be able to see the console command menu after pressing F1. Any console code that has an on option can be turned off by swapping out the on for off. Note: These cheats/console commands all work in multiplayer.

Cheat Code Cheat Code Effect
addallitems Adds all items to your inventory as long as they aren't part of the main story.
addallstoryitems Adds all story-related items to your inventory.
buildermode on Turns on the ability to complete the building of items without needing materials to construct them, turns on god mode, turns of survival mode, adds all non-story items to inventory, and turns off all enemies.
buildhack on Turns on the ability to complete the building of items without needing materials to construct them.
cavelight on Makes it daylight inside the cave allowing you to see without a flashlight or torch.
godmode on Unlimited health, unlimited stamina, unlimited fullness, unlimited, water.
cancelallghosts It will cancel all the ghost blueprints you currently have.
buildallghosts It will complete all the ghost building blueprints instantly.
itemhack on As long as you have an item in your inventory, you'll never run out of it.
survival off Will remove the need to eat and drink, your stamina will still deplete.
save Allows you to save the game no matter where you are.
speedyrun on Allows for a super-fast run.
killallenemies Kills all enemies that are around the player.
enemies off Turns all enemies off.
forcerain heavy Makes it rain heavily, allowing you to fill up your water collectors easily.
forcerain sunny Changes the weather to a clear and sunny day.
unlimitedHairspray on Gives you unlimited fuel for the hair spray can.