Stone Trough

A Stone Trough plays a vital role in My Time at Sandrock. It's a stone bowl used for crafting recipes. Stone Troughs are needed to craft a Recycler, Furnace, and Dew Collector as well as to complete the quest "The New Builder".

How to Get Stone Trough

To get a Stone Trough in My Time at Sandrock, you must first gather some material. The material needed to craft a Stone Trough is 6 stone.

My Time at Sandrock - Gather Stone

Stone can be obtained from the junk piles in My Time at Sandrock and from harvesting gravel and stone nodes with your pickhammer.

Once you have the needed amount of stone, head to your worktable outside your house.

My Time at Sandrock - Craft Trough

To craft a Stone Trough, approach your worktable and interact with it by either pressing E on the keyword or X if you're using an Xbox controller. Select Stone Trough and hit quick build down at the bottom after selecting how many Stone Troughs you want to craft using the worktable.