Truffles in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that offers players a plethora of activities and resources to explore. Among such resources, truffles stand out as a valuable commodity due to their high sell value once turned into Truffle Oil using the Oil Maker.

Truffles are a type of mushroom that can be found on the ground, and they are highly sought after in the game for their economic value. They can be used in the production of Truffle Oil, which sells for 1,065g - 1,491g. Truffles are also needed to complete the Chef's Bundle at the Community Center.

How to Get Truffles in Stardew Valley

To get Truffles in Stardew Valley, you will first need to have pigs on your farm. If you don't already have pigs, you will need to have a barn and then upgrade it all the way to a Deluxe Barn so you're able to purchase a pig.

Once you have fully mature pigs, they will dig up truffles for you. The pigs will need to be kept outside for them to produce a Truffle. This will not work during winter since pigs will not go outside during the Winter Season.

Stardew Valley Truffles

Each mature pig that is fed and outside is capable of producing one truffle per day as long as all of the conditions are met. For this to happen it needs to be a clear day and you have to have empty tiles for your Truffle to be placed after being dug up. These titles can't have any objects on them.

It also is possible to find Truffles for sale from the traveling cart in Cindersnap Forrest. They can range anywhere from 1,875 to 3,125g depending on how long you have played your file.

Maximizing Truffle Production

To maximize truffle production in Stardew Valley, there are a few key strategies to implement. Firstly, ensure your pigs are outside during the day to have a chance of finding truffles. Secondly, make sure you have several mature pigs that are happy and well-fed.

The more pigs you have that meet these conditions, the more chances you have of getting extra Truffles. This will ensure that you find more than one truffle outside.

Gifting Truffles

Leah is the only villager who loves to receive Truffles as gifts. Leah is located south of Marnie's Ranch in Cindersap Forest. This can be reached by taking the path south from your farm.