What is Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried stone, as the name suggests, is stone that has been extracted from quarries. In Skyrim, quarried stone is a specific type of stone that is used for construction purposes. It is a durable and versatile material that can be shaped and molded to fit various architectural needs. Quarried stone is essential for building and furnishing houses, as it provides the foundation and structure necessary for creating a home within the game.

One example of the use of quarried stone in Skyrim is the construction of Heljarchen Hall, one of the player's potential homes. Heljarchen Hall is located in the Pale, and in order to build this house, the player must gather materials such as quarried stone. The quarried stone is used to create the walls, floors, and other foundational elements of the house, providing the necessary stability and structure for the player character to live comfortably.

Where to Find Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried stone can be obtained in two ways within Skyrim – through mining at the stone quarries or looting chests near the homestead sites. Players can mine quarried stone from specific stone quarries scattered around Skyrim using a pickaxe. These quarries are typically located in rocky areas or near mountains. By striking the rock with a pickaxe, players can collect quarried stone from the quarry.

Alternatively, homesteads in Skyrim also contain quarried stone in the form of lootable items. The chests or trunks found at the homesteads contain a  set amount of quarried stone. This option can be convenient for players who want to get started on their homestead and want to get some quarried stone quickly.

Known Locations for Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Several known locations for quarried stone exist within Skyrim. These include Heljarchen Hall, Windstad Manor, and Lakeview Manor, where quarries are located nearby. In addition to these locales, players can also find quarried stone near rocky areas, mountains, and other stone-rich environments in the game.

For example, Windstad Manor, located in Hjaalmarch, has a quarry nearby where players can mine quarried stone. This allows them to gather the necessary materials for building and furnishing their home. By exploring the surrounding area, players can discover these quarries and collect the valuable resource.

  • Lakeview Manor (Falkreath) - The stone quarry is located to the left of the Carpenter's Workbench, just follow the mountain to the left.
  • Windstad Manor (Morthal) - From the workbench, head North towards the back of the house. You will see a dropoff right before you get to the water. The stone quarry is at the bottom of the dropoff.
  • Heljarchen Hall (Dawnstar) - This stone quarry is the closest to the workbench out of all three homesteads. South, directly behind the workbench you will find the mine for quarried stone and clay.

Using Quarried Stone for Construction in Skyrim

Quarried stone is primarily used for constructing houses and other structures within Skyrim. It's an essential material for building and furnishing homes, enabling players to create foundations, walls, and other architectural elements. With quarried stone, players can bring their vision of a dream home to life, customizing it to their liking and creating a unique space within the game.

An example of using quarried stone for construction in Skyrim is the creation of the player's own house, known as a "homestead." Players can choose from several locations throughout Skyrim to build their homes, and each location requires different materials, including quarried stone. By using quarried stone, players can craft the necessary components to build their house, such as a cellar, smelter, and even decorative elements.

Alternative Materials to Quarried Stone in Skyrim

While quarried stone is a crucial building material, it's not the only one available in Skyrim. Clay and sawn logs also serve as alternative materials for construction. Players can obtain clay from clay deposits often found near bodies of water, while sawn logs can be purchased from mills or acquired by cutting down trees with a woodcutter's axe.

For example, in the construction of Lakeview Manor, one of the player's potential homes in Falkreath Hold, both quarried stone and clay are required. The player must gather these materials to build the walls and other structural components of the house. By incorporating different materials into the construction process, players can create unique and personalized homes within the game.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Finding quarried stone in Skyrim can be a bit challenging due to the vastness of the game's open world. Exploring rocky areas and mountains is often key to finding quarried stone.

Paying attention to the landscape is important in Skyrim, quarries are typically located in rocky areas or near mountains, so keeping an eye out for these geological features can lead players to valuable sources of quarried stone. Additionally, interacting with NPCs in the game can sometimes provide hints or information about the location of quarries, so engaging in conversations with characters can be beneficial.