Caviar in Stardew Valley

Caviar in Stardew Valley is an Artisan Good that can make you a lot of money. Read on to discover how!

How to Get Caviar

Caviar is made by adding Sturgeon Roe to a Preserves Jar, which you can get from the pond by adding Sturgeon to it and completing their requests. It’s a little tedious of a process, so follow along:

Catching the Sturgeon

The sturgeon is one of the rarer fish in Stardew Valley. It can only be found at the mountain lake during the summer and winter seasons; your best shot is only 16% on rainy summer days. You’ll get more bites with wild bait, so be sure to stock up before you head out to the mountain.

Building the Pond

The Fish Pond can be acquired from Robin’s Shop for:

  • 5,000g
  • 200 Stone
  • 5 Seaweed
  • 5 Green Algae

It occupies a 5x5 space on your farm and takes two in-game days to build.

Collecting the Roe

Once your pond is built, right-click on it with your sturgeon to toss it in. You can only add one sturgeon initially, but even with one fish, it will reproduce (maybe it already had eggs...?). After a few days, you’ll be able to collect sturgeon roe, which is the only roe you can use to make the valuable caviar.

Preserves Jar

The preserves jar recipe is unlocked at Farming Level 4, and requires:

  • 50 Wood
  • 40 Stone
  • 8 Coal

It’s also a reward for completing the Quality Crops bundle at the Community Center. Once the roe is placed in the Preserves Jar, it’ll take around 4 in-game days to age. Note: putting any other roe in the Preserves Jar will only get you Aged Roe, which sells for far less and isn’t required for any bundle.

And that’s how you get Caviar in Stardew Valley!

Travelling Merchant

There’s also a chance of getting Caviar from the Travelling Merchant for 1500-2500g on Fridays and Sundays in case you want to avoid all the hassle of making it yourself.

Uses for Caviar

Caviar can be sold for 500g, or 700g if you received the Artisan Perk after reaching Farming Level 10 and selecting the Tiller profession.

Caviar can also be eaten, providing 175 energy and 78 health.

Once the Community Center is completed, or all of the Community Upgrades from Joja Mart are completed, Joja Mart contains one final bundle: the Missing Bundle. Caviar is needed to complete the Missing Bundle, as it’s considered a late-stage game item. After it’s completed, you’ll unlock the Movie Theater, where you can watch a movie yourself or with a villager once a week.

It can also be given as a gift, as it’s a Universal Like, with the exception of Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent (they hate it).

Finally, it can be combined with cloth to craft the Fashion Hat at Emily’s sewing machine. It doesn’t offer additional stat benefits, but at least it looks good!