Cloth in Stardew Valley

Cloth in Stardew Valley is an Artisan Good produced by refining Wool with the loom. Read on to find out the different ways you can make cloth.

Getting the Wool

Wool is acquired from raising sheep or rabbits. In order to get sheep, you’ll need a Big Barn, and rabbits need a Deluxe Coop.


Once the lambs have matured, you’ll be able to right-click on your sheep with the shears (available at Marnie’s Ranch), producing one Wool. The auto-grabber will grab animal goods automatically.

It’s worth noting that as your sheep reach higher affection levels, they’ll produce higher quality Wool, but this does not impact the quality of the cloth.


Once your baby rabbit has matured, it will drop Wool for you to pick up off of the floor of the coop, similar to eggs from a chicken. There is no special difference between rabbit Wool and sheep Wool, it produces the same cloth no matter what.

Other Ways to Get Wool

Wool is also randomly available at the Travelling Merchant for 1020-1700g, and Emily may send you one Wool in the mail as a gift.

Refining the Wool

In order to refine Wool, you’ll need a loom or two!

Loom Recipe

Unlocked at level 7, the Loom recipe is:

  • 60 Wood
  • 1 Fiber

Using the Loom

Once the loom is placed, right-click on it while holding a piece of Wool to add it. In (x) minutes, or (x) in-game hours, you’ll have cloth!

Other Ways to Get Cloth

Rewards, etc

From killing mummies in mines

Uses of Cloth

The primary use of cloth is to produce clothing!

Emily’s Sewing Machine

After you’ve acquired your first cloth, leaving the house from 6-11 am on a non-rainy day will trigger a cutscene, where Emily will inform you that you have access to her sewing machine at 2 Willow Lane. After this, you can use her sewing machine to tailor and dye clothing by adding one cloth and one other item to the machine.

Once you have access to the sewing machine, the special orders board has a chance of showing a quest called ‘Rock Rejuvenation’. You’ll receive your own sewing machine if you deliver Emily the following:

  • Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Amethyst


Cloth is used to craft the Tailored Spinner, which increases the bite rate when fishing.


You need 4 cloth to build a Mill, which allows you to mill beets, wheat, and rice.