Coal in Stardew Valley is a useful resource that’s the building block of many recipes in the game. Coal is either directly used in crafting a recipe or is needed as the fuel for your furnace so you can smelt the needed material. For instance, when you need to make copper bars or make iron bars, you’ll need coal in the furnace to smelt the ore.

Coal is one of those common resources in Stardew Valley where you feel like you never have enough of it. Even though it’s commonly found, you’ll go through coal like nothing.

How to Get Coal

To get coal in Stardew Valley you can either craft it or farm it by using one of the methods below.

  • Charcoal Kiln – You can use the Charcoal Kiln to turn 10 pieces of wood into 1 piece of coal.
  • Artifact Spots – When digging up artifact spots (moving worms on the ground) you will have a chance to dig up coal.
  • Enemies – Coal can be dropped by enemies in the mine when you defeat them.
  • Mine Carts or Bags – Occasionally you’ll come across a bag or mine cart while in the mine, these will have coal in them.
  • Geodes – Geodes have a chance of containing coal when broken open by the blacksmith.
  • Rocks – When breaking rocks in the mine you will have a chance to obtain coal.
  • Purchase – You can buy coal from the blacksmith for 150g – 250g depending on what year you’re on.