Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a resource obtained in Stardew Valley that’s used for crafting items. Iron Ore itself isn’t needed in many recipes but Iron Bars are needed in plenty of craftable items. Iron Bars are needed for tool upgrades when upgrading to the steel version of the tools.

How to Get Iron Ore

The following are all the different ways to get Iron Ore in Stardew Valley.

  • Mines – Iron Ore can be obtained from mining the Iron nodes in the mine, breaking rocks in the mine, tilling the soil in the mine, and breaking open barrels and boxes. You will need to be on floors 40+ to Iron Ore in the mine.
  • Fishing – When fishing, you have a chance of getting treasure chests, which may contain Iron Ore.
  • Blacksmith – The Blacksmith can break open geodes you find in the mine, which may contain Iron Ore. You can also purchase Iron Ore from the Blacksmith for 150g during your first year and 250g for years 2 and up.
  • Rivers – You can use the Copper Pan to sift for Iron Ore at the rivers, lakes, and ponds.

How to Get Iron Bar

To get an Iron Bar in Stardew Valley, you will need to smelt Iron Ore in the Furnace or Transmute Copper Bars into Iron Bars. To smelt Iron Ore into an Iron Bar, you will need 5 Iron ore and 1 coal. Place them into the Furnace and wait for Iron Ore to Smelt into an Iron bar. To Transmute Copper Bars into Iron Bars, you will need the Transmute recipe (learned at mining level 4) and 3 Copper Bars, which you can turn into 1 Iron Bar.