Copper or copper ore is a resource in Stardew Valley used to craft items directly or can be turned into copper bars and then used to craft items.

You will initially need 20 copper ore to make the furnace so you cant smelt the copper ore into copper bars.

To get copper ore, go to floors 2-39 in the mine and break open copper nodes with the pickaxe. You can also break open rocks, barrels, and crates while in the mine for a chance of getting copper ore. Tilling soil in the mine may also yield copper ore.

Another option is to go to the Blacksmith and purchase copper ore for 75g each in your first year and 150g each on every year after, then smelt it into copper bars.

How to Get Copper Bar

Copper Bars have a lot of craftable recipes associated with them and are needed to upgrade your tools to copper tools, which increase their efficiency. To build a Silo, you'll need to have 5 Copper Bars.

To get a Copper Bar in Stardew Valley, you must smelt 5 copper ore inside the furnace. Smelting copper ore in the furnace takes 30 in-game minutes and requires you to put 5 copper ore accompanied by 1 coal into the furnace. The coal is used for fuel in the smelting of the copper ore into copper bars.