Hardwood is a resource in Stardew Valley that can be used for crafting items. While you can get by the game without much Hardwood, if you want to craft specific recipes, you will need plenty of Hardwood. For instance, if you want to fully upgrade your farmhouse, you’ll need 150 Hardwood. To have the Stable built for you, you’ll need to have 100 Hardwood.

Where to Get Hardwood

The best place to get Hardwood is to shake or chop down a Mahogany tree and if you are at least level 1 in Foraging, you’ll have a chance to get a seed from that Mahogany tree. If you get a see from that tree, plant it on your farm and use it to gain more trees since full-grown trees have a chance of dropping seeds near them.

If you have a Copper Axe or better, you can chop all of the large tree stumps. They drop 2 Hardwood and have a chance to drop Mahogany tree seeds. Plants these seeds and use the tree to get more seeds. Once you get a Steel Axe or better, you can go to the Secret Woods, just southwest of your farm, and chop the fallen log to get in there. In the Secret Woods, 6 large tree trunks spawn daily and can be used to farm up 12 Hardwood each day.


Other sources of Hardwood would include breaking boxes or barrels in the mine. The Travelling Merchant sometimes sells Hardwood, but don’t expect it to be at an affordable price.

Hardwood Recipes

The following are recipes where Hardwood is needed to craft them.

Recipe Recipe Ingredients
Carved Brazier Hardwood x10, Coal x1
Cask Hardwood x1, Wood x20
Cheese Press Hardwood x10, Wood x45, Stone x45, Copper Bar x1
Cork Bobber Hardwood x5, Wood x10, Slime x10
Hardwood Fence Hardwood x1
Heavy Tapper Hardwood x30, Radioactive Bar x1
Hopper Hardwood x10, Iridium Bar x1, Radioactive Bar x1
Mini-Obelisk Hardwood x30, Solar Essence x 20, Gold Bar x3
Oil Maker Hardwood x20, Slime x50, Gold Bar x1
Ostrich Incubator Hardwood x50, Bone Fragment x50, Cinder Shard x20
Rain Totem Hardwood x1, Truffle Oil x1, Pine Tar x5
Stump Brazier Hardwood x5, Coal x1
Warp Totem: Beach Hardwood x1, Coral x2, Fiber x10
Warp Totem: Desert Hardwood x2, Coconut x1, Iridium Ore x4
Warp Totem: Farm Hardwood x1, Honey x1, Fiber x20
Warp Totem: Island Hardwood x5, Dragon Tooth x1, Ginger x1
Warp Totem: Mountains Hardwood x1, Iron Bar x1, Stone x25
Worm Bin Hardwood x25, Gold Bar x1, Iron Bar x1, Fiber x50