Secret Woods

The Secret Woods is a hidden area in Stardew Valley. Inside the Secret Woods, you will find Green Slimes, six large tree stumps, and forageable items related to the season. There is also a pond you can fish from that contains some rare fish.

You can use these large tree stumps to get Hardwood. These tree stumps reset daily, so you can keep farming them.

A large log blocks the entrance to the Secret Woods, but the log can be broken if you have an upgraded axe.


Where Is the Secret Woods

To find the Secret Woods, take the path south from your farm into Cindersap Forest. Once in Cindersap Forest head northwest till you see the large log blocking the path. You will need an upgraded axe of steel or better so make sure to upgrade your tools before trying to get into the Secret Woods.

Once you break the large log, you won't have to break it anymore. Now you can go back into the Secret Woods anytime and use it for farming items.