The earthquake in Stardew Valley is one of many random events that occur. Some other events include villagers visiting your farmhouse, lightning striking trees or crops on your farm, and meteorites crashing in the middle of your farmland.

The earthquake will occur on the 3rd day of your first summer. When you wake up on the third day of summer, the game will greet you with the message “There was an earthquake during the night”.

Does the Earthquake Damage Crops?

You might think the earthquake does damage to your crops like thunderstorms or crows do, but it doesn’t. Your crops are safe during this event in Stardew Valley. There are plenty of other ways for the game to rob you of your revenue without the earthquake.

Does the Earthquake Damage Buildings?

Luckily, the earthquake doesn’t do damage to your farm buildings in Stardew Valley. This would actually be very costly to you if damage to your buildings occurred. If something happened to your farm buildings because of an earthquake, you would lose the animals contained within, since you can’t have a particular animal without the building needed to house them.

What Does the Earthquake Do?

When the earthquake occurs in Stardew Valley, it removes the rock or boulder just before the mine entrance. In this newly unlocked area, you will have access to the spa and train station.


You would not have access to either the spa or train station before the earthquake occurs. The Spa lets you recover your energy for free, while the train can drop items when it passes. You can forage these items and sell them for money or use them to craft items.