In real life, water is one of the most important substances needed for survival. In Stranded Deep, water is just as important for survival.

How to Get Water

There are several ways to get water in Stranded Deep and we will go into detail about each one below.


Coconuts are a good way to get drinking water in Stranded Deep, especially when you’re just starting out and learning the mechanics of the game. You can get coconuts by climbing a palm tree or by just reaching the coconut from the ground. Sometimes you can just jump and grab the coconut without having to climb the tree.

Once you have a coconut, you must break it open using a tool such as the Stone Tool or Refined Knife. Drop it on the ground and hit it several times with your tool to break the outer shell. Now, you can equip the coconut and use it to drink. One thing to note is that coconuts will not grow back once you harvest them from a tree. You’ll have to go to other islands to find more if you deplete the ones on your island.


Water Still

The Water Still, sometimes called a water maker, is the most effective way to get water in Stranded Deep. It will produce drinking water continuously for you by either capturing rainwater or by placing Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves underneath it.

To build or craft the water still, you will first need to reach level 2 in craftsmanship. You can usually do this by building all the required items in the tutorial.

Building the water still will require the following items:

  • Coconut Flask x1
  • Palm Frond x1
  • Lashing x1
  • Cloth x1
  • Rock x3