Sometimes, when playing with a teammate in a game like Stranded Deep, one of you might bite the dust and need to be revived or resurrected. Playing co-op wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t able to bring your partner back to life.

How to Revive in Stranded Deep

To revive someone in Stranded Deep after they die, you must use a bandage on them. Equip a bandage from your inventory, go up to your teammate and hold the interaction button. With the keyboard, you will need to hold the E key. On a PS4, it will be the Square button, and if you’re using an Xbox controller, it will be the X button.


Bandages can usually be found in cabinets or other containers inside of shipwrecks. They can also be crafted as well by combining 1 cloth and 1 lashi/guides/how-to-get-lashing-in-stranded-deep/ng.