Besides hunger, thirst, and sun exposure, health is the next important vital in Stranded Deep. Without watching your health bar and healing your health when needed, you’re bound to land yourself six feet underground.

Your current health can be observed by looking at your watch. The health bar is represented by a heart on your watch, so make sure you check it often. When your health runs low, you will need to take the needed steps to heal yourself in Stranded Deep.

How to Heal Yourself

To heal yourself in Stranded Deep, you must keep all vital stats up, such as hunger and thirst. Unlike in other games, in Stranded Deep, there are no instant heal items such as potions or a normal bandage that just restores health.


Once you’ve gotten your hunger and thirst vital stats all the way up, your health will start to heal or replenish. Your health doesn’t heal instantly but will slowly replenish over time, so avoid combat or taking damage if your health is low.