Poisoning or poison in Stranded Deep creates a negative status effect that will slowly drain your health as the time passes. There are 5 animals in Stranded Deep that can poison you: Snake, Lionfish, Sea Snake, Sea Urchin, and Crown of Thorns Starfish.

How to Cure Poison

To cure poisoning in Stranded Deep, you will need to find an antidote or craft one. Antidotes can be found around the remains of other survivors on the islands or near shipwrecks.


The antidote in Stranded Deep is a medical drink that cures poisoning. Antidotes can either be found around the islands or you can craft them.

How to Make Antidote

To make an antidote in Stranded Deep, you must first be level 3 in crafting. To get to this level, craft more items and it should easily level you.

 You will need the following items to make an antidote.

  • Coconut flask x1
  • Pipi plant x1

The coconut flask can be made from a coconut that you got off of a palm tree and the pipi plant can be found on most islands.

How to Use Antidote

To use the antidote, equip it like you would a normal coconut for drinking and drink from it.