Coconut Flask

The Coconut Flask is a re-usable container or flask used in crafting various items in Stranded Deep. One of the coconut flask’s primary uses is in the crafting of medical items such as the antidote, aloe salve, and medical gauze.

Coconut Flasks are used in the crafting of the water still, so you can always have fresh water to drink. They are also used in the crafting of shark repellent, to repel those pesky sharks.

How to Make Coconut Flask

To make a Coconut Flash in Stranded Deep, you will first need to get a coconut down from a palm tree. Make sure not to remove the coconut from its husk or outer shell or else it won’t be usable to craft a coconut flask.

  • Coconut x1 (with husk still on)
  • Lashing x1

You will also need 1 lashing to make the coconut flask, which can be crafted from combining 4 fibrous leaves. Sometimes lashings can be found in shipwrecks, in containers, or near survivor remains.