In order to survive in Stranded Deep, players will need to gather resources and build a shelter. One of the most important resources in the game is cloth. Cloth can be used to make tarp walls, which will protect players from the elements, bandages, which heal the player, and the Water Still which is used to produce drinking water.

Players can make cloth by collecting plants and fibers from around the island. The plants can be found growing in the wild, or they can be cultivated in farm plots. Once the plants have been collected, they must be processed into fibers using a crafting station known as the Loom. The fibers can then be woven into cloth at a loom.

Finding Cloth in Stranded Deep

Cloth is one of those resources that can also be obtained by the means of scavenging. You will have a chance to find cloth laying on the ground on the deserted island at random locations. Cloth can also be found inside containers scattered around such areas as shipwrecks, plane wrecks around also around the remains of survivors.

The Basics of Making Cloth in Stranded Deep

To make cloth, the first step is to find a source of plant fiber known as Fibrous Leaves. This can be from trees such as the Yucca Tree or Palm Sapling. Once you have collected four Fibrous Leaves (plant fiber), you can proceed to the next step which will be using the loom to make cloth.

Using the Loom to Make Cloth

To make cloth using the loom in Stranded Deep, you will first need to have 4 Fibrous Leaves in your inventory. Next, walk up to the loom and within your crafting inventory find and click on the recipe to make cloth. This will allow you to craft 1 piece of cloth that you can use to craft another item or place it on the ground or in a trunk for storage.


Making cloth in Stranded Deep is not as difficult as it may seem at first. It’s also a great way to be self-sufficient and have a meaningful supply of resources at your disposal.