Lashing in Stranded Deep is used for tying and holding together items that you craft. Lashing is a crafting material that will give you the impression you never have enough of it. Sadly, it is required in most craftable items in Stranded Deep.

How to Get Lashing

To get lashing in Stranded Deep, you must first get some fibrous leaves from Palm saplings or Yucca trees. A cutting tool such as the refined knife or a crude axe will be needed to get the fibrous leaves so you can make lashings.

Next, craft a lashing by combing 4 fibrous leaves from the crafting menu under the tools section. Now you can use the lashing to craft a multitude of items in Stranded Deep.

Lashing can also be found on different islands through the means of shipwrecks, near survivor remains, and other lootable containers.