What Happens When You Die in Multiplayer?

If you’re playing with permadeath (permanent death) on, you can still be revived or resurrected by your teammate. If both of you die with permadeath on, your save file will be deleted.

If you’re playing Stranded Deep with permadeath off in multiplayer, if you both die you will be forced to load your file at the last save point. Make sure to save often, especially if you’re heading out for a supply run or exploration on other islands.

What Happens When You Die in Single player?

If you die in single-player with permadeath on you will instantly lose your save file. There is no way to get your save file back once you die playing in this mode.

Dying while playing single-player with no permadeath on will allow you to load your last save file. Make sure to save often if you don’t want to lose your progress in the game.