Where is the Flower Dance?

The Flower Dance is located in the southwest of the forest, below the Wizard’s Tower. It’s inaccessible on any day that isn’t the Flower Dance, as the bridge to the Flower Dance location on any other day is broken. You don’t need to find it on the day, though, because entering the forest on Spring 24 between 9 am and 2 pm will teleport you to the location of the dance!

How to Get into the Flower Dance

There’s nothing stopping you from entering the Flower Dance as a bachelor/bachelorette, but you’ll be unable to participate in the dance itself.

In order to dance, you’ll have to reach 4 hearts with any of the marriage candidates. It is technically mathematically possible to dance with any of the marriage candidates. Through persistence, talking to them every day, and gifting them a loved gift twice a week (eight total), you can reach 4 hearts before Spring 24.

However, Haley is by far the easiest. Because she has a birthday before Spring 24 (Spring 14), giving her a loved gift then will get you just shy of the 4-heart limit. You just need to give her another loved gift, or a few liked gifts, and you’re all set.

In a multiplayer game, players can also dance with each other.

What to Do at the Flower Dance

There are a few things you can do at the flower dance:


To initiate the dance, talk to any marriage candidate you have 4+ hearts with, then talk to Mayor Lewis, who will start the dance. Be sure to do this at the very end, though as you’ll be teleported back to the farm when it’s over.


Pierre has an exclusive shop at the entrance of the Flower Dance, where you can purchase the following items:


Pierre sells a number of items that can be placed in your home or around the farm.

  • Seasonal Plant (350g) – there are three different seasonal plants you can purchase from Pierre that will change appearance with the season. They do not need to be watered and can be placed anywhere.
  • Tub o’ Flowers (250g) – flowers in a barrel that bloom spring and summer. It does not need to be watered and can be placed anywhere.
  • Tub o’ Flowers Recipe (1,000g) – recipe to make a Tub o’ Flowers. Requires 15 Wood, 1 Spangle Seed, 1 Tulip Bulb, 1 Jazz Seed, and 1 Poppy Seed.

Home Decor

Home Decor can only be placed inside your home (or shed).

  • Wall Flower (800g) – a tall sunflower to be placed on your wall.
  • Small Wall Flower (800g) – a small sunflower to be placed on your wall.
  • Ceiling Leaves (400g) – two variations of ceiling leaves to be placed at the top of your wall.


Pierre sells a small number of spring forageables.

  • Daffodil (50g)
  • Dandelion (50g)

Rare Items

  • Rarecrow #5 (800g) – one of eight collectible scarecrows (the same radius as standard scarecrows).