Gunther runs the museum also known as the Archaeology Center. The museum and library are integrated into one building. You can donate artifacts that you find to the museum and Gunther will give you more information on the artifact. The museum is open from 8 am to 6 pm and you can always find Gunther behind the front desk.

Minerals and artifacts can be donated to the museum. You will receive a reward from Gunther for every 5 or 10 items donated. Once you get to 60 items donated, Gunther will give you a rusty key, allowing you to access the sewers.

Museum Location

The museum can be found on the east side of Pelican Town. It’s located just south of the blacksmith.


Donation Rewards

The following are the rewards you will receive from donations to the museum.

Amount Donated Donation Reward
5 Cauliflower Seeds x9
10 Melon Seeds x9
15 Starfruit Seeds x1
20 'A Night On Eco-Hill' Painting
25 'Jade Hills' Painting
30 Lg. Futan Bear
35 Pumpkin Seeds x9
40 Rarecrow 8 of 8
50 Bear Statue
60 Rusty Key (opens sewers)
70 Triple Shot Espresso x3
80 Warp Totem: Farm x5
90 Magic Rock Candy
95 Stardrop (increases your energy)