Clay is a common resource in Stardew Valley but most don’t know where to obtain it. Clay can be used for crafting anything from a Garden Pot all the way to making a Silo, which can be used for storing grass as animal feed.

Where to Get Clay

You can find Clay in Stardew Valley by tilling dirt or sand, mining, or breaking open Geodes.

  • Regular dirt – Tilling regular dirt has a chance to yield some clay, though not often.
  • Sand - Tilling sand (like on the beach) has a chance to yield some clay, though not often.
  • Geodes – Having geodes broken open for you has a chance of netting you some clay.
  • Mining – Clay nodes drop clay, but they are only found on Ginger Island.
  • Artifact Spot – If you till an Artifact spot (worms coming out the ground) it has a high chance of yielding up to 3 clay.

Clay Recipes

Below you will find some of the common use recipes for clay.

Recipe Ingredients
Bone Mill Clay x3, Bone Fragment x10, Stone x10
Brick Floor Clay x2, Stone x5
Deluxe Retaining Soil Clay x1, Stone x5, Fiber x3
Fiber Seeds Clay x1, Mixed Seeds x1, Sap x5
Garden Pot Clay x1, Stone x10, Refined Quartz x1
Silo 100g, Stone x100, Clay x10, Copper Bar x5
Quality Retaining Soil Clay x1, Stone x3