Tools in Stardew Valley are needed to perform most of your daily farm-related tasks. When not using your tools, you can store them inside a chest for later use. The tools you start with are very inefficient but they can be upgraded to make them perform better.

How to Upgrade Tools

To upgrade your tools, you’ll need to go to the Blacksmith, bring the required resources and pay the required gold for the upgrade. For instance, to upgrade your Watering Can to a Copper Watering Can, you’ll need 5 copper bars and 2,000g for the upgrade. You’ll need a furnace to get copper bars so you can upgrade your tool.

After upgrading your tools to copper quality, the next version will be the steel quality tool and require Iron Bars to upgrade.

Every time you bring a tool to the Blacksmith to be upgraded, it will take 2 days for the upgrade.