What is a Coop in Stardew Valley

The Coop is a farm building in Stardew Valley. It can be used to house chickens, ducks, rabbits, and dinosaurs. You won’t be able to purchase these particular animals until you purchase and build the coop in Stardew Valley. You also have to option to hatch more chickens, ducks, or dinosaurs from eggs they produce by means of the incubator.

The Coop in Stardew Valley will allow you to feed your animals hay that you have stored in your Silo. If you don't have a silo, you can go to Marnie's Ranch and purchase hay from Marnie so you can feed your animals in the coop.

To Coop is available in 3 different sizes, Standard Coop, Big Coop, and Deluxe Coop. You first have to build the standard size coop and then you can have it upgraded to the two larger sizes.

How to Build Coop

To build a Coop in Stardew Valley, go see Robin in the Carpenter’s Shop. The Carpenter’s Shop is north of your farm. After you provide the materials and pay the price for the Coop, you will have to pick a location on your farm to have it built. The Coop will take up a spot of 6x3.

Coop Sizes and All Coop Animals

Below you will find information on the 3 different size coops. You must start out with the base size coop, then upgrade to the larger ones. Each coop size supports a different amount of animals and has other features included.

Regular Coop

This is the normal size coop (regular coop) or the base size.

    • Cost– 4,000g, Wood x300, Stone x100
    • Animals held– 4
    • Supported animals– Chickens
  • Features– Hay Hopper, Feeding Bench
  • Days to build– 3

Big Coop

This is the upgrade to the base-size coop.

    • Cost– 10,000g, Wood x400, Stone x150
    • Animals held– 8
    • Supported animals– Chickens, Golden Chickens, Void Chickens, Ducks, Dinosaurs
  • Features– Hay Hopper, Feeding Bench, Incubator
  • Days to build- 2

Deluxe Coop

This is the upgrade to the big coop.

    • Cost– 20,000g, Wood x500, Stone x200
    • Animals held– 12
    • Supported animals– Chickens, Golden Chickens, Void Chickens, Ducks, Dinosaurs, Rabbits
  • Features– Hay Hopper, Feeding Bench, Incubator, Autofeed System
  • Days to build- 2

How to Upgrade The Coop

Coop upgrades are very important in Stardew Valley, especially if you play to keep a higher number of animals in your coop. This is also how you unlock the ability to have other animals such as Golden Chickens, Void Chickens, Ducks, Dinosaurs, and Rabbits.

To upgrade your Coop visit Robin at the Carpenter's Shop and select the upgraded version of the Coop, like the Big Coop, and select the Coop you want to upgrade.