Robin’s Lost Axe Quest

On the 11th day of Spring, you will receive a letter from Robin asking you to find her lost axe. The quest has a reward of 250g, which is very helpful when you are just starting a new game.

In the Journal, the quest says “Robin lost her favorite axe. The last time she remembers using it, she was cutting wood south of Marnie’s ranch.”.

This gives us a sense of direction to where we should start looking for Robin’s Axe.

Where Is Robin’s Lost Axe?

To find Robin’s Lost Axe, you will need to head south from your farm. Follow the path south that leads to West Pelican Town. You will see Marnie’s Ranch (the store that sells livestock) in the next area.

From Marnie’s Ranch, keep going south until you come up to wooden bridges, and go across them to the other side.


Next, keep heading south until you reach the field of spring onions and make a right from there. You will see Robin’s Axe next to the cliff wall.

To return Robin’s Lost Axe, go back to your farm and this time take the path north. Follow this path until you come to the Carpenter’s Shop, which is also Robin’s house. Go behind the counter and turn in her axe and accept your 250g reward.