Hay in Stardew Valley

Hay is an essential resource for any farmer in Stardew Valley, as it provides nutrition for your livestock during the winter months when fresh grass is scarce. Without hay, your animals will go hungry and their productivity will decline. Therefore, it is crucial to have a steady supply of hay on your farm. In this article, we will explore the different methods of obtaining hay in Stardew Valley and provide tips on how to efficiently manage and utilize this valuable resource.

In Stardew Valley, hay is defined as dried grass used as food for your farm animals. It plays a significant role in the Fodder Bundle on the Bulletin Board and can be used in crafting a Grass Skirt using the Sewing Machine. Each animal in your Coops and Barns will consume 1 Hay per day when there is no fresh Grass available.

How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley

To get hay in Stardew Valley, you have to cut grass or wheat with the scythe. There always is the option of purchasing it. Once you have a silo built, any hay you collect from cutting grass or wheat will be automatically stored inside of your silo, so it is a good idea to build a silo before investing in some livestock. If you don't have a silo, hay can be stored in a chest or your personal inventory.

Stardew Valley Hay

While harvesting hay from grass and wheat is a reliable method, it may not always provide enough hay to sustain your livestock throughout the year. In such cases, you can consider buying hay from Marnie's Ranch or the Desert Trader. Marnie, the local rancher, sells hay for 50 gold per piece.

You can also get hay from the fishing game at the fair, where you have a chance to win hay as a prize. Additionally, as you earn friendship points with Marnie, she might gift you some hay as a token of appreciation.

It is worth noting that purchasing hay can be costly, especially if you have many animals to feed. Therefore, it is essential to explore other methods of obtaining hay and focus on building infrastructure that can help you produce and store hay more efficiently.

Building Infrastructure for Hay: Silos

To store hay, you will first need to build a silo, otherwise, you’ll have to keep it in a chest or your inventory.

Having a silo on your farm is essential for storing hay. A silo can be built using 100g, 10 Clay, 100 Stone, and 5 Copper Bar. Once built, it can store up to 240 pieces of hay, making it a valuable asset for any farmer. To fill the silo with hay, simply cut grass using a Scythe or Golden Scythe, and the hay will automatically be deposited into the silo. Whenever you need hay, you can withdraw it from the silo by interacting with the hay hopper inside your barn or coop.

By investing in multiple silos, you can effectively store more hay, ensuring a steady supply for your livestock throughout the year.

Harvesting Hay Before Winter

In Stardew Valley, the grass on your farm will not grow during the winter season, making it essential to have a sufficient amount of hay stored before Fall 28. This ensures that your animals have enough food to last them through the winter. To maximize your hay production, it is important to prioritize cutting grass or wheat using a scythe or golden scythe during the other seasons. The golden scythe, introduced in version 1.4 of Stardew Valley, increases the chance of obtaining hay when cutting grass, making it a valuable tool for farmers.

Additionally, planting wheat can be a strategic move as it has a chance to drop hay when harvested. By incorporating wheat into your crop rotation, you can increase your hay production and reduce the need for purchasing or harvesting large quantities of grass.

Feeding Animals with Hay in Stardew Valley

Feeding your animals with hay in Stardew Valley requires careful management of your hay stock. Each animal in your coop or barn will consume 1 hay per day when there is no fresh grass available. It is important to ensure that you have enough hay to feed all your animals, as hungry animals will become unhappy and their productivity will decline.

To make the feeding process more efficient, consider upgrading your animal's coop or barn to give you access to the auto-feed version of the hay hooper. This allows them to consume hay directly from the bench, reducing the time and effort required for manual feeding. By regularly checking the hay levels in your silo and replenishing it as needed, you can ensure that your animals are well-fed and content throughout the year.

Hay's Role in Crafting and Tailoring in Stardew Valley

In addition to its role as animal feed, hay also has potential uses for crafting and tailoring within the game, adding to its importance as a versatile resource. By placing hay in the spool of the Sewing Machine, you can create a Grass Skirt, an item that can be worn by your character. This item is purely cosmetic and does not provide any gameplay benefits, but it can be a fun way to personalize your character's appearance.

Furthermore, hay can be used as a crafting material for various recipes, such as the Wild Seeds (Fiber, Fall Seeds, Winter Seeds) and the Hay Bale (50 Hay). These crafted items can be useful for growing crops or decorating your farm, allowing you to further customize your farming experience in Stardew Valley.