What to Feed Chickens

To keep your chickens happy in Stardew Valley, you must give them food and attention. Giving them attention is as easy as walking up to them and talking to them. To keep their bellies full, you must either feed them grass or hay.

How to Feed Chickens

To feed your chickens, you have to place hay inside the coop on the feeding bench or you can feed them grass instead.

If you want to feed your chickens indoors, grab some hay from the hay hopper on the wall and place the hay on the feeding bench. You will need to play 1 hay daily for each chicken.

Hay can be obtained from cutting grass or bought from Marnie's Ranch for 50g each.

To feed grass to your chickens, leave the door on the right side of the coop open and the chickens will come outside on their own and feed on the fresh grass. Make sure to have the area around the coop fenced in or your chickens will wander around your farm. This will only work when it’s not raining outside, when it’s raining your chickens will go inside.

Always make sure to stock up on food for your chickens when winter is approaching. You don’t want to run out of food for your chickens in the middle of winter.