Farm buildings are important in Stardew Valley if you want to raise animals. You may have purchased a building and placed it in what seemed like a great location at the time but as your farm expands, now you need to move your farm building. Don’t worry, you can move buildings in Stardew Valley.

How to Move Buildings

To move buildings, go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop located northeast of your farm. Start at your farmhouse and take the path north that is located on the left side of your farmhouse. Follow this path till you come to the first building, which is the Carpenter’s Shop.


At the Carpenter’s Shop select “Construct Farm Buildings”. This is the same menu selection you would select to have a farm building built for you.

Select the icon that has arrows pointing to each corner. You will be asked to select the farm building that you want to move around. After you select the building you want to move to a new spot, choose the new location you want it. Your farm building will be moved instantly, no need to wait days like when having a new building constructed.