Chickens are animals in Stardew Valley that you can raise. They are kept inside a coop and produce eggs daily once mature and fed daily.

The chicken eggs sell for a base price of 50g and are worth more with larger eggs. The eggs can also be turned into Mayonnaise using the Mayonnaise Machine. The Mayonnaise can sell for up to 285g.

With an upgraded coop (Big Coop), you’ll have access to an incubator. You can place an egg inside the incubator and it will hatch a chick, instead of having to buy more chickens.

How to Get Chickens

To get a chicken in Stardew Valley, you must first build a Coop. Make sure you also have some grass planted to cut for hay and a silo to store the hay in.

Now, you can go to Marnie's Ranch and purchase a chicken for 800g. Marnie's Ranch is located just south of your farm. Once you purchase the chicken you'll have to pick which coop to send it to and it then will be delivered to you.