Frozen Tear

Welcome to Stardew Valley, where farming, friendships, and adventures await! If you've stumbled upon this guide, chances are you're on a mission to obtain the elusive Frozen Tear. Well, fret not, fellow farmer, because in this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know on How to Get Frozen Tears in Stardew Valley. So grab your watering can and let's get started!

Understanding Frozen Tear and its Uses

Before we dive into the glorious hunt for Frozen Tears, it's important to understand what this precious mineral is all about. Frozen Tear is a rare and highly valuable resource in Stardew Valley that serves multiple purposes. Aside from being used in various crafting recipes, it can also be gifted to certain villagers, and completing specific quests often requires the generous donation of Frozen Tears.

Identifying and Locating Frozen Tears

Identifying Frozen Tear in-game is essential to avoid confusing it with other minerals. It has a distinct look—a teardrop-shaped, translucent gemstone with a bluish tint. Keep an eye out for this beauty as you navigate the Valley!

Finding Frozen Tears can be a bit challenging, but fear not—we have all the information you need to increase your chances of unearthing this rare gem. Here are the key locations and methods to help you obtain your Frozen Tears:


The Mines are a hotspot for mining and treasure hunting, and they happen to be one of the primary sources of Frozen Tears. You'll find Frozen Tears on specific floors, so get your pickaxe ready and start descending. Be on the lookout for floors 40 to 79, as they tend to yield a higher probability of encountering Frozen Tears.


Monsters in Stardew Valley can prove to be more than just nuisances—they can also be a potential source of Frozen Tears. One monstrous creature, in particular, has a chance of dropping Frozen Tears upon defeat:

Dust Sprites: These tiny dust balls can be encountered in the Frozen Levels of the Mines—specifically, between floors 41 to 79. Clear them out, and you may just find yourself rewarded with a precious Frozen Tear.


Alternative Methods

If mining doesn't tickle your fancy, fret not! There are alternative methods to obtain Frozen Tears:


Believe it or not, you can actually fish for Frozen Tears in Stardew Valley. Head to the 6th floor of the time during any season, and cast your line. Patience is key here, so make sure you've brought your best fishing gear and some tasty bait to increase your chances of a Frozen Tear catch. Catching an Ice Pip fish and placing it in a fish pond can produce Frozen Tears. Fishing up treasure chests at any location also gives a chance to loot a Frozen Tear.


Geodes, those mysterious rocks you find while mining, can also harbor Frozen Tears. Crack open any Geodes you come across during your mining expeditions by bringing them to the local blacksmith, and there's a chance you'll find the precious gem hiding inside.


One of the common ways to find a Frozen Tear in Stardew Valley is through panning. Panning involves using a pan tool near bodies of water, such as rivers and ponds, to sift through the sediment and search for valuable minerals. While panning can yield various items like ores and geodes, it is also possible to uncover Frozen Tears.

To start panning, you'll need to purchase a pan from Willy's Fish Shop located on the beach.

Strategies and Tips for Efficiently Farming Frozen Tear

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of where to find Frozen Tears, it's time to discuss some strategies to maximize your farming efficiency:

Exploring the Mines

If you're serious about collecting Frozen Tears, it's crucial to invest time in mining and exploring different levels of the Mines. Upgrade your pickaxe whenever possible to break through tough rocks quickly. By venturing deeper into the Mines, you increase your chances of stumbling upon those precious Frozen Tears!

Combat Techniques

Don't worry, you're not alone in this perilous quest. To effectively defeat the enemies who guard the Frozen Tears, make sure you have a high-quality weapon and have leveled up your combat skills. Timing your attacks and dodges well can make a world of difference in battle. Remember, the more foes you vanquish, the higher the chances of obtaining a Frozen Tear!

Optimizing Time Management

Winter is the prime season for Frozen Tears, so use this time wisely to focus on acquiring as many of them as possible. Prioritize your daily routines, allocating a good portion of your energy towards mining and combat. Farming and other activities can take a backseat temporarily, as this is your chance to truly shine in the Frozen Tear department.

Accessories and Rings

Equipping the right accessories and rings can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining Frozen Tears. The Burglar's Ring, for instance, increases the drop rate of items by monsters. So be sure to take advantage of the available accessories and rings that can boost your luck and make those Frozen Tears rain!

Maximizing Frozen Tear Usage and Rewards

Now that you've amassed a charming collection of Frozen Tears, it's time to put them to good use:

Crafting Recipes

Frozen Tears are not only a valuable resource in Stardew Valley but also an essential ingredient in several crafting recipes. Keep an eye out for recipes that call for Frozen Tears and use them to create valuable items, such as Warrior Ring and Dark Jacket.

Gifting Opportunities

Don't forget that villagers have their preferences when it comes to gifts! Some villagers absolutely adore receiving Frozen Tears and gifting them these precious gems can greatly improve your friendship level. Be sure to check individual villager preferences to make sure you give a Frozen Tear to someone who truly appreciates it.

Special Quests and Community Bundles

Working on special quests or completing community bundles often requires a generous donation of Frozen Tears. So, if you're looking to enhance your reputation and unlock exciting rewards within the Valley, make sure you've got a stash of Frozen Tears at the ready.

Selling and Profit Potential

If you're in need of some extra coin, don't hesitate to sell excess Frozen Tears. While they are invaluable for certain activities, they can also fetch a handsome price when sold, boosting your wallet and giving you the flexibility to invest in other ventures within Stardew Valley.


From frozen caverns to monster-infested floors, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge and strategies needed to master the art of acquiring Frozen Tears in Stardew Valley. Remember to explore the Mines thoroughly, combat monsters effectively, and optimize your time during winter. With patience and perseverance, those Frozen Tears will be yours in no time.

So, grab your pickaxe, put on your lucky boots, and venture forth, intrepid farmer! The Frozen Tears await, and your Stardew Valley journey is about to take an exciting turn. Happy farming!