Once you get your journey underway in Fae Farm, you will notice that most of the areas are blocked by giant thorns. These thorns keep you from proceeding to other parts of the map and thus keep you from exploring and finding new recipes or crafting materials. The magical thorns are a nuisance to you and the other inhabitants of Azoria, but what can be done about them?

This is where the quest Meeting Magic With Magic comes into play. Alaric, the town Wizard will ask you to gather some mussels from the beach, cook them into broiled shellfish, and deliver them to him. He is also looking for someone who can help him take care of those pesky magical thorns that are intruding on the local's lives.

How to Remove Thorns

To remove the magical thorns, first, complete the quest Meeting Magic With Magic for Alaric by giving him food. Next, he will give you a quest called Opening The Paths, and you guessed it, this quest will lead to you being able the clear the thorns. Alaric will ask you to come meet him in the morning so you can take care of the thorn problem.


Once you meet him in the morning you will see a cutscene play and you will get your quest reward. The quest reward for this quest is a magical staff that can be used to remove the thorns. The Simple Magic Staff is a basic staff that is infused with magic. This magic staff can be wielded like a weapon and used to destroy the magical thorns. Just equip the magic staff, swing at the thorns and they will be destroyed. Now you can safely access these paths.