What Is Arugula in Fae Farm

Tucked away in the midst of Fae Farm's whimsical landscape lies a hidden gem: the arugula patch. This luscious green leafy vegetable, with its distinctive peppery taste, has gained quite a reputation among the locals as the star attraction of this enchanting farm.

Arugula in the game is referred to as "Peppery spring greens that are easy to gather" and can be used in cooking recipes like Grilled Onions. The Grilled Onions will restore 15 energy to your character and are worth cooking.

Where to Get Arugula for Tidying up Quest in Fae Farm

Arugula is needed for one of the earliest quests in the game the "Tidying Up" quest, which is given to you by Merritt. You probably walked right by the arugula and didn't even notice it because it has a resemblance to the plants you get plant fiber from.


You will find it laying all around your farm, just walk up to it and harvest it like you would any other raw material. While you're on the quest Tidying Up you'll need to gather 5 of them to turn in the quest along with other raw materials. Arugula can be eaten without it being cooked or you can cook it and gain more benefits from eating it. There is always an option to sell it if you don't need it.