First, we will get this out of the way. There is no way to make or craft a saddle in Minecraft. You may come across other guides giving you false information about being able to make a saddle in Minecraft but the truth is that it's not possible and the saddle has to be obtained through other means. We will go over how to get a saddle in Minecraft in the guide below.


The saddle is an item in Minecraft that allows you to ride horses, donkeys, mules, camels, pigs, and striders. Some of these animals will have to be tamed before you can equip a saddle and it be used to ride them. For a pig, you will need a carrot on a stick to control them. To use a saddle, just equip it and right-click the animal you want to use it on.

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft

 The saddle in Minecraft can be found or obtained in several ways. We will go into detail about ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft. These tips will all apply to survival mode since you won't have to search for a saddle in creative mode.

Minecraft Saddle

It doesn't matter which difficulty you play survival mode in Minecraft, the saddle will have the same drop rate regardless.

Chest Loot

Loot chests in Minecraft always have better loot drops. This is true even when trying to obtain a saddle. Whether it be Java or bedrock edition, the loot chances for a saddle will be the same.

  • Nether Fortress - Build a Nether Portal so you can enter the Nether Realm. Find the Nether Fortress that can be found within the Nether Realm and loot the chests around there for a 35.3% chance to get a saddle.
  • Dungeon - Dungeon chests have a 27.9% chance of containing a saddle.
  • Desert Temple - Desert Temple chests have 23.5% to contain a saddle.
  • Ancient City - Ancient City chests have a 16.1% chance of containing a saddle.
  • Bastion Remnant - The Bastion Remnant is a castle that is found in the Nether Realm and has a 13.6% chance of containing a saddle in a chest.
  • End City - End City chests have a 13.3% chance of containing a saddle.
  • Jungle Temple - Jungle Temple chests have a 12.9% chance of containing a saddle.
  • Village - Village chests have anywhere from an 11.3% - 16.2% chance to contain a saddle.
  • Stronghold - The alter chest in a stronghold has a 2.5% chance to contain a saddle.


A saddle can be found while fishing in Minecraft. When you fish, you always have a chance of fishing up treasure. The drop rate of a saddle while fishing is only 0.8% so this may not be your best bet with trying to get a saddle but there is always the possibility.

Cast your fishing line into the water, wait for bubbles to appear near your fishing line, and when you see something snap the line, reel in your catch.


Trading with a villager is one of the best ways to find a saddle in Minecraft. This has the highest percentage chance of you actually finding a saddle. Find a village that has a Master-lever leatherworker and they will have a 50% chance of selling a saddle. You can then trade emeralds for the saddle.

Mob Loot

Some mobs in the game will spawn with a saddle equipped on them. Once you kill this mob, they will drop a saddle. For instance, ravagers will always spawn with a saddle. Every once in a while you may see a strider being ridden by a Zombified Piglin, if you kill the strider it will drop a saddle that you can pick up.

Spawn Saddle

If you have cheats enabled on your Minecraft server or room, you can always use the following console commands to spawn yourself a saddle. To enter console commands in Minecraft, bring up your chat window by pressing Enter on the keyboard and enter the console command below.

/give PLAYER saddle

Replace PLAYER with the name of the person you want to give the item to.

Creative Mode

To get a saddle in Minecraft while playing creative mode, it's as simple as bringing up the creative inventory menu and searching for "saddle" in the search bar. This will give you the option to just hand yourself a saddle without looking for one.